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Pain Relief Therapy
Power of Vibration.
This invigorating massage fuses many traditional techniques to ease muscle tension, clear energy blocks and provide deep relaxation. We use gentle taps of the hammer to bring relief and combine this with sports deep tissue, hot stones and Thai pressure points. 

Deep Relax Wave Stone Therapy 
Detoxifying.  Lymphatic Drainage.


A unique and soothing massage using a curved jade stone with a combination of Swedish massage techniques allow the body to benefit from thermal energy and trace elements which stimulate the circulatory systems and release of toxins.

Energizer Therapy
Open energy flow.  Improve flexibility

A combination of Thai stretches and Swedish massage to improve energy flow, relieve tension and increase flexibility. 


A treat after a busy day. This personalized massage relives stress and relaxes the mind.

Customized De-Stress Therapy 
Thai Super Stretching Therapy 
Boost energy.  Increase mobility

This unique massage therapy aids tension-relief and promote the balance of Qi energy in your body.  This is an art with ancient traditions which brings you to feel an extraordinary sense of well-being afterwards.

Thai Herbal Compress

Finish off the treatment with herbal compress making the heat radiates through the body, melting away tension and soreness, relieves stress, improves sleep and general well being.


Thai Herbal Steam Tent

Considered as Thai Folk Aromatherapy, external application of herbs through heat and steam with natural essences present in its medicinal plants helps to relax and relive tension, helps loosen muscles and tendons and relieves pain.

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